Find a Charger

Go-Station is curing charge anxiety, one EV driver at a time.
We’ve been there and know your pain.

Go-Station puts power in your palm and makes life as an EV driver simple and easy.

Download The Go-Station App

Using your smart phone, download the Go-Station App.

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Follow Navigation To The Nearest Charger

Use the app's visual map to find the nearest charger. The app will tell you if chargers are already in use so you don't navigate to a site you can't use.

Plug In Your EV

Plug in your electric vehicle.

Select Your Charger

Using your smart phone's camera or a QR scanning app, scan in the QR code found on the charging station. You can also enter the code manually.

Tap The App To Start Charging

It's simple to start charging your EV - just tap "Start" on the app after you've scanned the code.

Monitor The Progress Of Your Charge

The app will indicate the status of your charge.

End Your Charge Session

Tap "Stop" on the app to stop charging your vehicle. Return the plug to the charging site and be on your way!

Download the App