Delivering an unsurpassed electric vehicle charging experience.

Go-Station is building a world where every driver has confidence in owning and driving an electric fuel vehicle.

Say good-bye to charge anxiety, unreliable chargers, and a fragmented charging network. Go-Station gives you:

  • A better mobile charging experience
  • Conveniently located and reliable charging stations
  • Solutions for organizations transitioning to electrification

Go-Station has your back!

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Our focus on delivering an exceptional customer experience begins with our mobile app. The Go-Station app allows you to access almost 45,000 charging connectors in US and Canada from the palm of your hand.

Our new mobile app puts you, the EV driver, at the center of an enhanced and unique charging experience, allowing users to view amenities within walking distance of charging stations (e.g., restaurants, retail stores, grocery stores, personal services, etc.) and earn exclusive promotions and discounts on charging. Users will also receive 24/7 customer support via phone or email and be able to check charge status and charging history and pay for a charge via credit card, Apple Pay, PayPal, or Venmo.

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Download the App

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EV Fact:

Almost 100 new electric vehicle models will be launched by 2023, and more than 50% of all light-duty vehicles will be electric in the coming years.

We serve drivers, businesses, and site hosts transitioning to electrification.



Charge and go . . . explore, travel, and enjoy life!

  • Find available EV charging sites with ease
  • Charge, pay, and monitor from your phone
  • Join a community of EV drivers
Commercial Solutions

Site Hosts

Benefit, thrive, and overcome hurdles in the alternative fuel race!

  • Attract/retain customers
  • Position your brand as environmentally conscious
  • Enjoy a competitive advantage

Fleet Operations

Keep vehicles and supply chain operational, moving and on the go!

  • Custom solutions that meet your specific use case
  • Conquest new customers transitioning to electric
  • Brand enhancing potential